The Coronavirus.

Albox Shop, Los Llanos Market and Kuki’s in Mojacar

Albox shop 18th January, temporarily closed due to new restrictions in place.

21st December, Xmas opening hours.

Albox shop

Monday 21st, Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd December open 10-1pm.

Thursday 24th, Friday 25th, Saturday 26th December. Closed.

Monday 28th, Tuesday 29th, Thursday 31st December, open 10-1pm.

Wednesday 30th December and Friday 1st January Closed.

Saturday 2nd January open at Los Llanos market 10-1pm

9th November. Covid update. given the recent restrictions that have started, clients will not be able to leave their area to visit our shop unless you reside in Albox. For clients who live outside our shop area, we may still be able to assist you depending on your needs. For new purchases and setup we can help people who live in and around Arboleas and Huercal Overa areas. Our shop hours will change, not all our clients live in Albox and no doubt it will be rather quiet on some days.

Los Llanos Saturday market, Closed Saturday 7th and possibly 14th November

Albox Shop, Monday Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10 am and 1 pm. We will closed on Wednesdays.

Please note we operate an appointment system at the shop, please do not turn up at the shop without being appointed as you may have to wait a while to be seen.

For support we have always operated an appointment system for the last 6 years, however since the 1st lockdown restriction were lifted we started to run appointments for payments too, this was so we could manage social distance and make sure clients were not waiting outside too long for us to help them.

Mojacar at KUKIS on Wednesday and 25th November from 12 pm.  (9th Nov. hopefully this will still take place)

We are using an appointment system. Please contact us to book your appointment.

Update 4th November.

Los Llanos market will be closed this Saturday 7th November and possibly 14th November.

Our shop in Albox is open by appointment only, please contact us to get booked in to make a payment or for support.

KUKIS, as it stand we are still going on Wednesday 25th November at 12pm, things may change over the next couple of weeks, please contact us closer the time to get booked in or visit our shop in Albox if you need to see us sooner.

Update. 27th July.

Our Albox shop is currently open 6 days a week by appointment only between 10 am and 1 pm

KUKIS @ Mojacar. We will there on Wednesday 26th August. Please contact us to get booked.

Los Llanos market. For the time being and to be on the safe side, we will not be at the market, our shop is now open on Saturdays between 10 am and 1pm. times may change depending on how busy it gets.

My view on the current state at the market. When the market re opened all traders was told we had to wear masks and have hand sanitisers nearby, over the weeks some us was talking in our whatsapp group about some traders and visitors not wearing masks, we are only talking about a few and not all the traders, fingers were pointing towards the fruit n veg guys as i also saw a few without them, they had their reason/excuses for not wearing them, things got a little heated amongst some traders, reminding me of the current state on facebook, the divide between wearing non wearing. The owner then said that all traders must wear a mask or be banned from the market, no excuses. There would also be a person at each entrance giving masks to visitors without one. The weekend of 18th, We (Jacqui and myself) was away that weekend and was not at the market, it was pretty quiet on whatsapp, I assumed everyone adhered to the rules until last week, just before the weekend on Thursday a message came from one of the traders, she had tested positive for the virus, everyone then asked which stall and where, from what we can make out, it was herself and her husband and one them had a stall with the potatoes and empanadas. Most traders are at risk as in age, health and their family members and decided not to go last weekend and will more than likely do the same for next week, we decided not to risk ourselves or clients and opened the shop and will do this until further notice.

To wear a mask or not? please do not visit us without one or you will be refused entry. We are doing our upmost best to keep you and us safe. Please book an appointment before visiting us.

Update 25th May.

Our Albox shop is now open by appointment only, between 10 am and 1 pm Monday and Friday. The current rules state that all people should wear a mask in public. Please ensure you wear a mask to our shop, we will refuse entry to anyone who does not comply with these rules, apart from yourselves getting fined by the police, we are also accountable and do not wish for that to happen to us.

Saturday Market at Los Llanos, I believe the market will get the go ahead from Arboleas town hall to reopen from Saturday 6thJune, At the time of writing I do not currently know exactly how we will operate there, There maybe an appointment system in place, the other traders will not be happy if that was to happen, we will hopefully know more later this week.

Mojacar. We will have an update soon. We hope that they can open soon, our thoughts are with Pam and Graham during this difficult time. please follow Kukis facebook page for more information.

Please send a ticket or call to book an appointment for our Albox shop.

** Update 8th May**

We are hoping to re open our Albox Shop from Monday 11th May. It will be appointment only.

Please send us a support ticket or call to get booked in, clients wishing to pay please can you pay via the hub, or call us us to make a payment by card, most clients have made payments online or by other methods, we are trying to restrict as much movement as possible. I have made some adaptions to the shop to protect yourselves and our staff, we now have a plastic screen barrier on our counter, we ask you to please not touch or lean on it. Hand gel is available upon entry and exit of our store. If you would like to purchase a device, let us know at the time of booking your appointment, we can prepare the box in advance to help reduce your time at the shop.

At the time of writing this, there have been many changes to rules with lockdown, and times allowed out, what we should and should not do. I was recently told that shop hours should be in line with people ages and their outside times for exercise. This could change, here is what we are planning to do, open the shop Monday to Friday. When booking your appointment please indicate if you are aged 70 or over, you will be given a time slot before 12 pm. Everyone else will be after 12 pm, unless there are no other appointments given that day to someone over 70. As people aged 70 and over are classed as vulnerable, please call us to see if we can help you online with remote support or over the phone. I am considering home deliveries but will not proceed for now until we know more of what can and can not do.

Los Llanos market. There has been talk about it opening towards the end of May. If I am being honest I think it more than likely be June, I can not see how the crowds can be controlled, it can get tight in some places. I will have to really think how we can keep a safe distance from people without appointments. I may have to consider closing in the stall to restrict access by using wooden panels or plastic sheeting, the cost of these plastic screens are not cheap, especially as they are in demand. I will wait and see closer the time, there is a chance I wont open our stall when restrictions are first lifted and may possibly open the shop instead.

Mojacar. They are looking at opening on the 11th May, I will have more information about Mojacar soon, I need to discuss with Pam and Graham how we can operate, its large bar/diner and I believe we can manage the social distancing.

Please bear with us, the above can change and I will update our news and this page. My main concern is a second wave of the virus, I believe that economic pressure is forcing things to move a bit quicker in lifting restrictions, you only have to see the first day that kids were allowed out with parents for exercise, there was no social distancing in lots of areas, it made the government change things and introduce a timetable, which i think is great idea. We have been incredibly good with low virus figures on our area, I do believe that most of the people in our area are of an age and just sensible, looking after ourselves and others whilst respecting the social distance measures. Please be safe and strong in these strange and difficult times.

** 17th April **

I believe the lockdown will go into May, once we get the go ahead i am considering only allowing 1 person at a time in the shop and we are looking at an appointment system for clients when we first re open. In our advertising I will ask potential new clients to call before visiting so when can book them in too.

Making a payment

Most clients who visit our shop regularly are making a payment. I have created a page so that you can make a card payment in 3 simple steps. It uses Paypal and you do not need to have a Paypal account to make the card payment. Below is a picture of what to expect when making a card payment.

Contact us ASAP to let us know if are having a problem making a payment. Please do not leave it to the last minute. Most invoices are sent out 10 days in advance.

If any clients are having issues making the payment, please ask a family member if they can pay on your behalf, I am sorry we will NOT be able to carry all our customers without payment being received, our shop could possibly be closed for a couple of months, I still need to pay my rent, utility bills and staff wages on a closed shop.

Are you ready to pay?  Select the Yellow box below.

Problem with paying by card

Say for example you are not getting the page offering you to pay by card and it says create account.
This could be a number of reasons, if using a mobile phone try a computer, if using google chrome try mozilla, firefox or windows edge (new name for windows internet explorer)

We can also take payment via online banking,  just send us a ticket asking for our bank details.  CLICK HERE TO OPEN A TICKET

I am unable to do any of the above!

If you are unable to do any of the above. We do have some very venerable at risk clients who we know cannot travel and unable to do any of the above, we know who you are and can make an exception to delay your payment.  I am sorry we cannot afford to do this for all our clients, it would most certainly bankrupt us.  The services will want their money.

Contact us ASAP to let us know if are having a problem making a payment. Please do not leave it to the last minute. Most invoices are sent out 10 days in advance.

Support Services.

We will be available for online support on the Client hub. you can ask us questions via a support ticket, Clients with Android devices – we can log into your device to change services or check any problems that you may have.

Social Media

Sorry we will not be taking support enquires on any forums or social media platforms. Please use the Client Hub or the contact us form below.

Contact us.

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